This cutie’s name is Protein! She’s 3 years old, has all of her shots, has been spayed, but her time is running out. Her owners are moving to Hawaii and if they can’t find a new home she’ll be put down by August 15th. I can’t have a cat where I’m moving but I would hate to see this poor cat be put down so if anyone in or around the Oklahoma City area is interested please message me!

Signal boost for the cute cat! Message.

help this baby

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the barghest mostly looks like some kind of nightmare dire wolf but after it eats most of the guy’s soul it basically forgets it’s pretending to look like an animal and splits open into an anatomical nightmare of black crystals and weird antenna/tongues/tentacles

Amano is also a huge inspiration for me, though I… Steal less in terms of style. 

I could just pour over their art for days though.

i hope one day i can draw like Ayami Kojima.

I love her painting and the faces and the details she does. 

I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

I think I actually need to go to the hospital to take photos of the wards… I can’t find any references of inside.


this kitten is unbelievable

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Steven Universe - Strong (in the real way).

From the episode “Coach Steven”. Was just leaked, bloody good song.

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A goal for Z’etta

South Seas Talisman shirt (which is just a necklace and a tattoo)

whatever is going on with the caster bottoms

purple summoner horn (achieved)

ok now who will give me 1.5 million gil.

As to the Devil, he owes everything to Milton. Dante and Tasso present us with a very gross idea of him: Milton divested him of a sting, hoofs, and horns; clothes him with the sublime grandeur of a graceful but tremendous spirit.
Percy Shelley, ‘On the Devil, and Devils’ (via elucipher)

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